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When is Check-in & Check-out?

Check-in is at 3h00pm

Check-out is at 11h00am

Are children allowed?

Savasana Nordic spa is an adult accommodation business, children  are not recommended at this time in order to  fully benefit from our relaxation retreat. Think of it as falling into a meditative state and completely letting yourself go. We strongly recommend guests to leave any responsibilities and distractions at the door.


What to bring?

•Bring weather appropriate clothing. Please keep in mind that during winter months, the domes can get a bit colder and we recommend to bring warm clothing for those chilly nights.

•Flip-flops for outdoor spa use

•Slippers or warm socks for inside use

•Bathing suit for spa use (Bath robes will be provided)

•Cash in hand (We have a few food items that can be purchased for the convenience of our guests)


What we provide?

-Full kitchen with cooking utensils, cooking hardware, spices, oils etc.

-Fridge with assortment of condiments, milk, cream, butter, ketchup, PB&J, syrup etc.

-Bathroom toiletries such as hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash & eucalyptus infused Himalayan salt scrub

-Diffuser with relaxation essential oils 

-White noise machine

-Complimentary coffee & tea bar

- Private spa area / no spas are shared with other guests.

-Towels for inside shower use (White)

-Towels for spa use (Grey)

-Make up remover towel (Grey)


Icy/slippery roads 

Due to the nature of our location, it is beautiful and unique, but to access our property we had to make roads in a slightly hilled area. Therefore, the roads heading to the Domes can get a little slippery and icy with changing weather conditions. The last thing we want is for our guests to have difficulty coming up or down the roads.

Suggestion: We have a sign at our entrance that suggests that our guests use our main entrance parking lot on top of the hill to park their vehicles during their stay with us if the road conditions are not ideal. Although 4x4 or AWD vehicles should have no issues coming or going from their dome, we do advise to drive slowly and be cautious or to use the parking at the top of the hill for your convenience.


Dome temperature

Our Domes are equipped with a mini-split, propane fireplace and some baseboard heaters. Nonetheless, we “advise” our guests to keep this in mind and to bring a warm set of clothes for those colder nights *If need be*


Outdoor Spa & Amenities

Two out of our 3 Domes (Lagom/Hygge) are equipped  with the full Nordic spa experience however during the colder months,  (November to May) some of the outdoor a spa amenities will not be operational due to freezing temperatures and hazardous use of equipment at this time.)

These amenities will not be operational during colder months.

-Cold Plunge Pool

-Cold Bucket

-Outdoor Shower + Exfoliation Station

-Waterfall feature


Some of these amenities or cycle processes can be replaced with different options such as:


•”Cold plunge or cold pool” processes can be replicated or substituted using your indoor shower with cold water, by laying in the snow or by standing or walking in the cold for a few minutes.

•”Outdoor shower” with Himalayan salt scrub processes can be replicated or substituted by using your Salt scrub in your indoor shower.

What is your cancellation policy?

-We require a minimum of 7 day notice for a full refund.

Can we only book one night?

While we really recommend a minimum two night stay to benefit from our experience, we understand it isn't always convenient,  For this reason we offer 1 night accommodation from Sunday-Thursday based upon request, All 1 night requests needs to be unlocked and approved before being able to continue with your reservation. Please select your desired dates, select the "send inquiry" button instead of the "book now" button. This will send us an inquiry, once received, if available, we will unlock your request followed by an e-mail that will allow you to continue with your reservation. 


We have taken some steps to significantly reduce mosquitoes, black flies, hornets, beetles etc. however due to the location of our business, it is impossible to control the environment at all times. Important- we understand you may want to use bug spray, please be mindful of showering before entering the hot tub as bug spray/oils can disrupt the hot tub chemicals. 


Please keep in mind while cooking strong smelling foods as the fabric of our walls can hold smells. Please consider cooking strong smelling items outside on the propane BBQ.


Food options:

- Charcuterie boxes upon request. $50 for our small board or $75 for our large board. 

U-Cook Food boxes

Our U-cook breakfast & BBQ boxes are exactly just that, “You cook”. We offer raw, ready to cook meals for your convenience.


Breakfast boxes  (have 3 different options of protein.) 



(6 Eggs, 2 bagels or GF bread, hash browns, choice of protein) 


BBQ boxes  (have 3 different options of protein.) 


•Pork chop 


2 potatoes, serving of vegetables and a dinner baguette or GF bread.



Due to the nature of being a spa, please try to keep the alcohol consumption at a minimum especially if you wish to benefit from our thermal experience. These cycles can be very dehydrating, please ensure to stay well hydrated through out your stay. Bottles of water are provided and our water on site is good to drink however we still recommend guests to bring a refillable water bottle. Ask us about the natural water source just minutes from our property. It's such a hidden gem!


Freezer foods

In all of our domes we like to leave some goodies for our guests to be able to purchase while staying with us. In the freezer you will find a few quick food/snack options for our guests to purchase as a convenience.


Are we pet friendly?

Regretfully, we are not. After careful consideration, due to the nature of our business being a spa, we want to encourage all guests to leave any responsibilities behind. Please send us a message as we have options for your beloved dogs, they need vacations too, right?


Savasana is a relaxation retreat and we would like to keep spa-like vibes on our property. Noise travels very easily between the fabric walls of the domes. Each dome is private and has quite a bit of distance from one another however we want to much emphasis of being mindful of other guests  who also came to relax, No loud music is permitted. We provide sound machines for you to adjust to the silence.

Is there Wi-fi?

Yes, we have Wi-fi on site, each dome has their own router and password. Password will be provided for guests inside their dome. Due to the seclusion of our beautiful area, cell reception can be affected down at the domes. Wi-fi calling on your cellular device is available and recommended to set up before hand. 

What is your address?

We are located in Beersville, New Brunswick, Approx. 40 minutes from Magnetic Hill in Moncton. Our site is easy to find,  you will see our Savasana Nordic Spa sign at the entrance to welcome you. Please be mindful of low cell reception in the area, we recommend mapping your directions prior to getting in the area. Our address is 3586 Route 465.

Do you have an office on-site?

No, we do not have an office on site however we are near.. If you need anything during your stay, you are always welcome to contact the office either by email, Facebook or Instagram page, or by text at (506) 377-6608. Please note that each dome parking areas are monitored 24/7 for the safety of our guests. 


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